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Good Beer Hunting

Aug 10, 2022

As a writer, photographer, translator, and the first Certified Cicerone in Ukraine now living in Switzerland, Lana Svitankova wears a lot of hats. One of them is to capture moments through her photography and to share them with the world. Another is to collect memories and enshrine them through her storytelling. But one particular hat is that of an ambassador, on a mission to immortalize a beer from her homeland of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Golden Ale isn’t an official beer style—yet. But Lana believes that it’s unique enough to warrant inclusion in style guides across the world, despite some skeptics. No, it’s not the most exciting beer ever brewed, she admits. But with more eyes than ever fixed on Ukraine, people are beginning to take an interest in her quest. That being said, Lana remains adamant that this beer style shouldn’t be considered for anything other than its own merits, explaining that the campaign for recognition has been going on for years. Still, it’s heartening to know the world supports these efforts.

Today, we’ll hear about those efforts, as well as Lana’s work as a photographer. COVID robbed her of her ability to capture pictures of people—her preferred subject—but slowly and surely, that pendulum from isolation to socialization is swinging back once more. Beer is meant to be temporary, but photographs last forever.