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Good Beer Hunting

Feb 17, 2021

Stephanie Grant has an infectious positivity. You can’t help but enjoy watching her cook amazing meals on her Instagram stories; or celebrating Black women in beer in her newsletter, The Share; or scrolling through her vibrant photographs. Her projects and pursuits all seem to radiate joy. But Stephanie’s not afraid of getting real—far from it.

In her latest story for Good Beer Hunting titled “Beyond the Beer — Colorism, Black Pride, and the Black Is Beautiful Initiative”, which was published on January 27, 2021, she weaves together her personal experiences as a Black woman with the history and evolution of the Black is Beautiful movement. The result is a deeply affecting, personal, and informative story that readers of any background can appreciate.

As Stephanie points out in her piece, however, no white person will ever be able to fully understand the gravity of the phrase “Black is Beautiful,” and what it represents. So in this conversation, Stephanie tells us in her own words what that phrase means to her as a Black woman. She wants people to understand just how deeply racism is embedded in American culture, how early messages of racist inequality start for children, and how the concept of colorism continues to divide communities from within as a holdover from slavery. Despite the heavy nature of the conversation, she still relishes the strength she can draw upon from other Black women, and how she’s been able to find joy, even during a tumultuous year and while writing this raw account of her own journey to self-love.

During this conversation, we talk about the evolution and importance of language, how accountability is everyone’s responsibility, and why Black is Beautiful is so much more than just beer. Stephanie is optimistic, yet realistic. But above all, she’s ready to keep doing the work.