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Good Beer Hunting

Oct 31, 2019

Today I’m going to catch up with our Sightlines editor and lead contributor, Bryan Roth.

It’s been a busy couple of years for Bryan, but this past week’s range of stories is evidence of all the ways Sightlines has become essential reading for our audiences. From proactive analysis of the Denver scene as Colorado retail laws shift to digging into the closure of Lagunitas’ Community Room in Portland to keeping up with the shifting responses to the Founders racial discrimination case, and sensitively reporting a story of that importance—it’s all in a week’s work for Bryan.

So we’ll catch up on how all that reporting came to be, and what he’s working on next. But we’ll especially dig into the process behind the Founders stories that he’s written, as well as the other essential updates that have been published by a range of publications. In fact, that’s turned into a new part of the site called FYI, which is designed to keep track of all the updates in a major story in one place—and which you can find by going to

This is Bryan Roth, Good Beer Hunting’s Sightlines editor. Listen in.