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Good Beer Hunting

Sep 26, 2019

What does beer have to do with politics? 

It’s a simple enough question. And some would argue that beer has nothing to do with politics—the two should remain totally separate. Here at Good Beer Hunting, that idea has never really sat well with us. So instead of staying away from politics, we invited it in.

After a particularly low day—the 2016 election, GBH founder Michael Kiser was talking to his neighbor, David Faris. David lived just above the GBH studios, then in Logan Square in Chicago, and was absolutely devastated by the results of the election. So, after a few beers, they decided they wanted to create something new. 

In January of this year, David and Michael, with some help from me along the way, launched Electing to Drink, a podcast that invites progressive thinkers, writers, and elected officials to talk about the topics they’re excited about while sharing a beer with us. Part catharsis, part town hall, what makes Electing to Drink so special is David. He’s uniquely positioned to go into the depths of political discourse while still making information accessible and useful for most people. This isn’t a show where David invites progressive big wigs to yell ideological nonsense at you—it’s a show where you can sit back, grab a drink, and feel like you’re amongst friends, just discussing some of the most important ideas driving society.

Here’s David Faris, host of Electing to Drink. Listen in.