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Good Beer Hunting

Jun 26, 2019

Steph Byce was one of the first people I met when I started hanging out with the folks at Good Beer Hunting. I was judging an Irish Coffee Competition, as part of yearly celebration of coffee and beer called Uppers and Downers, and Steph was hovering around me, taking photos. Steph is GBH’s resident photographer—she’s based in Chicago, and at any Good Beer Hunting event, you’ll usually find her snapping photos. There’s one of me in particular that she captured at our annual get together called Olly Olly, where I’m looking longingly at a burrito—it’s pretty perfect. But she’s also a longtime contributor, and went to Durago, Colorado to report on Ska Brewing’s 23rd anniversary party. The article was published in May on our website, and I got to talk to Steph in our studio about how this story came to be.