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Good Beer Hunting

May 29, 2019

Welcome to the Good Beer Hunting Collective Podcast, the show where members of our team interview each other to get the behind the scenes look at some of our favorite articles. I’m Ashley Rodriguez, and I’m GBH’s podcast producer. One of my jobs at Good Beer Hunting is to post all the articles that come through our website. Usually that means lots of cutting and pasting, checking links, setting up their website page, and figuring out where photos go. It also means I get real intimate with some of these articles—I’m working with them for hours at a time. One article that recently caught my attention was about Tilted Barn Brewery in Exeter, Rhode Island. And the reason it caught my attention wasn’t because of the beer, but because of the way the author wrote about Tilted Barn. Kristen, whose day job involves working in people development (what we might traditionally know as human resources), illuminates the people she talks about. You don’t just want to visit Tilted Barn, you want to engage with the owners, Kara and Matt Richardson—and their family. They live just 100 yards away from the brewery with their four kids, and Kristen’s story captures the ups and downs of integrating your everyday life with your work. In this episode, we talk to Kristen about what it was like to visit and share the story of Tilted Barn, and what attracts her to the folks she depicts in her stories.