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Good Beer Hunting

Jan 16, 2019

Welcome to the GBH Collective, a special series of interviews where we have the chance to dive a little deeper with Good Beer Hunting contributors and friends on topics of writing, beer and the stories you read and hear from GBH. In this episode, we’re leaving the confines of the U.S. to visit with Luke Robertson, a GBH contributor living in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from New Zealand, Luke built up his reputation and writing chops in his adopted home country through the Ale of a Time blog and podcast. He started writing for Good Beer Hunting in 2017, and has taken readers behind the scenes of Melbourne’s GABS Beer, Cider and Food Festival, and into the hearts and minds of peers and industry pros addressing mental health. If you live in America, you know the bounty of options available to you when it comes to beer. But it’s always exciting to turn our gaze elsewhere in the world to get a sense of what’s driving beer culture around the globe and how all that ingenuity we find at home resonates elsewhere. In this conversation, Luke talks about the parallel tracks of Australian beer drinkers, from Lager lovers to Haze Bois, and we go back to his important piece on mental health to dissect what it took to pull that kind of story together. This is Luke Robertson: podcaster, writer, and our mate from Down Under. Listen in.