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Good Beer Hunting

Oct 17, 2018

We’re going to do something a little different today. Over the past year or so, you’ve heard a small sub-series of interviews we’ve dubbed the GBH Collective episodes. These conversations with GBH colleagues have been meant to dive into their writing, background and interests and have been a bit free-flowing. They’ve been a great addition to the award-winning audio content we produce at Good Beer Hunting, and I’m excited to take the lead to bring you more of it. This episode is going to be something of a GBH Collective 2.0 as we work to make these talks a more common part of the podcast. These may be shorter than our weekly longform interviews, and will include voices of GBH contributors as well as other journalists and members of the media who think about beer. In this episode, I’m joined by Claire Bullen. She’s been on a GBH Collective episode before, but not under the circumstances of which we spoke recently. Claire has recently been recognized multiple times by the North American Guild of Beer Writers for her work at this year’s Guild awards. Full disclosure: I lead that group, but didn’t have any role in judging her work, so I do feel comfortable saying that her writing, and her unique voice, is something that excites me most about coverage of today’s beer industry. In this chat, we’ll talk a little about what it means to be a big deal — those are my words, not her modesty — and how writing about food impacts writing. I’m really excited to start bringing you more of these conversations so you can better know the great people behind the byline. Claire is a perfect place to start.