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Good Beer Hunting

Jun 24, 2018

For this latest version of the GBH Collective, I sat down with Oliver Gray, a fellow writer at Good Beer Hunting who recently took his love for beer by going pro. He’s currently helping launch Guinness’ new brewery in Baltimore as the marketing manager for the Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House. As a bit of disclosure, while Guinness is an underwriter for GBH, the reason Oliver and I sat down together was a rare occasion that we found ourselves in the same city at the same time, having both traveled to Nashville for the recent Craft Brewers Conference. For the sake of full disclosure, Oliver is one of my best friends, and we’ve shared lots of long conversations about beer, life, writing and more and it just so happened that I had my podcast equipment this time around. I’ve done hundreds, if not thousands, of interviews in my life as a reporter, but there’s something special about getting to ask questions of people who are close to you as a way to share them with others. Oliver is an important person in my life, and he’s been a valuable part of the Good Beer Hunting team whether it’s through his byline or expertise behind the scenes. I’m glad we had the chance to talk as a way to share more with you.