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Good Beer Hunting

Mar 21, 2017

Welcome back to another episode of the GBH Collective where we bring you the stories behind the stories from our writers and photographers all over the world.  This is our second edition of this format - and if you’re liking it, let us know. The team really enjoys sharing their perspectives, and I can say personally, I’m enjoying hearing more about their adventures.  And of course, this new series of episodes is made possible by our Patreon subscribers. Patron is a way that our readers and listeners can subscribe to GBH with a monthly contribution, just like subscribing to a magazine. We give back to our subscribers, which we call the Fervent few through events, discounts, exclusive gear and art, and a host of other perks. Because tot us, being a Fervent Few member makes you part of the team - and you’ll see that come true when we launch the community section of the website in the next month. So to all those who signed up already, thanks so much - you’re already enjoying the fruits of that subscription.  If you want to join, visit, or click on the link on our show notes.  This week we’ve got our new Australian writer, Luke Robertson who lives in Melbourne. He’ll be sharing his experience of documenting the Mountain Goat story, and talking about some of his upcoming work for GBH.  We’ll also check in with Oliver Gray, one of our newest recruits who recently published a great interview with Chris White from White labs.  And finally, Cory Smith, our storyteller out of Brooklyn talking about his recent travels through Spain and the southwest where he connected with the guys from Arizona Wilderness.  An incredibly diverse range of topics from some great storytellers.