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Good Beer Hunting

Feb 10, 2022

From talking frogs to Bud Light loving dogs and Will Ferrell unexpectedly shilling Old Milwaukee, there's a long history of beer advertisements that have found cultural relevance. Viewers across the country see these commercials every week during sporting events and reality TV shows. But as fewer people drink beer and more cut the cable cord, what's next for this segment of advertising?

That's the question at the core of Kate Bernot's story on Good Beer Hunting that explores what happens when overall minutes of beer ad airtime decline and all kinds of entertainment fills up our days. And in this conversation, Kate and I explore the ins and outs of why beer brands advertise on TV today and the reason big beer companies still see this avenue as an important way to connect with people, whether customers or distributors or retailers.

What if beer commercials are no longer just about trying to sell more beer in a literal way? And how can you measure cultural impact if it doesn't show up in sales? Saying "Dilly Dilly" can only take you so far.